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  • Ecop Training Programme | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute is committed to creating multiple platforms for engaging youth and women in Africa’s blue economy discourse to promote diversity and inclusion in Africa’s maritime industry. ​ Following the success of the Blue Career and Business Expo—organized to expose Ghanaian youth and early career ocean professionals to the blue economy, its challenges, and opportunities for sustainable development in 2021—a training program on the blue economy was developed for Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP), with funding support from UNESCO, to sustain the interest generated among participants of the event. The training course was organized as an important first step for engaging African ECOPs in GoGMI’s BMP to facilitate their full participation and meaningful contribution to rich dialogue concerning pertinent issues in Africa’s blue economy and to continuously develop their capacity to create the workforce that Africa needs. ​ ​ The ECOP Training Course was held twice this year in March and November 2022 as a 9-day event to equip the youth with first-hand knowledge about Africa’s blue economy and expose participants to various career and business opportunities in the blue industry. MODULE: THE BLUE ECONOMY AS A DRIVER OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR AFRICA Understanding Africa’s Blue Economy - Dr Alberta Sagoe MODULE: THE BLUE ECONOMY AS A DRIVER OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT FOR AFRICA Existing and Emerging Sectors of Africa’s Blue Economy with Ms. Stephanie Schandorf MODULE: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR AFRICA'S BLUE ECONOMY Sector specific Opportunities and Challenges of Africa’s Blue Economy Fishing with Dr. Jemimah Etornam Kassah. MODULE: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR AFRICA'S BLUE ECONOMY Sector-specific Opportunities and Challenges of Africa’s Blue Economy Coastal Tourism with Prof Kwaku Boakye. MODULE: FUNDAMENTALS OF STARTING A BLUE BUSINESS From Idea to Sustainable Blue Business Solution with Mr. Solomon Torgbor. MODULE: THE BUSINESS CASE FOR AFRICA'S BLUE ECONOMY Sector-specific Opportunities and Challenges of Africa’s Blue Economy Shipping with Mr Stanley Ahorlu. MODULE: FUNDAMENTALS OF STARTING A BLUE BUSINESS Collaboration and Corporate Innovation with Ms. Belinda Agyemang Virtual Training Programme Exploring Pathways to a Vibrant Ocean Economy for Africa Background There is no doubt that global developmental debate in the last couple of years has been primarily focused on the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). What is beginning to emerge more and more is that the ocean is a pivotal tool for achieving these goals. Over the past few years, there has been a burgeoning awareness of the fact that SDG 14 on Life Below Water, is one of the primary facilitators for several other SDGs: Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-being, Gender Equality, Clean Water and Sanitation, Affordable and Clean Energy, Decent Work and Economic Growth, and of course, Climate Action. The fluid, interconnected and vast nature of the globe’s shared maritime space provides a constant reminder that the most salient approaches to safeguarding our oceans cannot be based on segmented, uncoordinated efforts, but must depend on productive deliberation, knowledge sharing and the active participation of all relevant stakeholders towards effecting change on a global scale. An African Solution For developing countries like those within the West African sub-region, the ocean holds the key to sustainable economic growth and development. A vibrant ocean economy should therefore lie at the heart of national and regional agenda. One of the most crucial first steps to attaining this is by directly investing in building the capacity of Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOPs), primed not only to generate much needed dialogue on the ocean economy, but also to advance innovative approaches to developing a sustainable and equitable ocean economy. The Institute took tangible steps in this direction by organising the recently concluded Blue Career and Business Expo, a two-day conference that created the platform for young people to interact with maritime industry leaders on Ghana’s ocean economy. The EXPO was not conducted as an isolated event, but as the first of a series of events and activities to be organised by the GoGMI in the coming years, intended to create multi-opportunity exchange platforms for Ghanaian youth and ECOPs to be directly engaged in the development of viable pathways towards building a robust Blue Economy in Africa. In line with this ultimate objective – and to build on the momentum generated by the EXPO – GoGMI designed a nine-day capacity building programme, intended to address Challenge 4 of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science (UN Ocean Decade): develop a sustainable and equitable ocean economy. About the Programme The programme, titled Exploring Pathways to a Vibrant Ocean Economy for Africa, included a series of lectures and interactions aimed at equipping selected participants with first-hand knowledge about the blue economy. It further explored approaches to harnessing the ocean and its resources as an integral tool for advancing economic growth and development across the continent, through the development of a sustainable and equitable ocean economy. The training was held from 14th to 24th March, 2022. It was offered in partnership with the ECOP Programme, an endorsed Action of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and was funded through the generous support of the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and the IOC-UNESCO. ​ The course ran virtually via Zoom over a series of nine online sessions. All session videos and presentation materials have been made available to interested persons below. ​ The detailed course syllabus, along with pre-readings can be accessed here. All selected readings are open-access documents available online (links provided). Individuals wishing to engage in self-paced learning of the topic areas are strongly encouraged to complete reading suggested materials for each session before watching session videos to gain a full contextual understanding of the lecture and subsequent discussions. SESSION 1 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 1: Presentation on Understanding the Ocean Economy delivered by Capt. (GN) Isaac Aratuo. Download presentation document SESSION 2 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 2: Presentation on Ocean Sustainability delivered by Naval Lieutenant Commander Duodu of the Ghana Navy. SESSION 3 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 3: Presentation on Exploring Africa's Blue Economy Sectors delivered by Mrs. Stephanie Schandorf, Associate Director of the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute. SESSION 4 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 4: Presentation on Impact of IUU in Africa: Awareness on the Importance of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Blue Economy delivered by Dr. Kwame Mfodwo. Download presentation document SESSION 5 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 5: Presentation on Equal Rights and Access to the Ocean Economy delivered by Dr. Juliet Igbo. SESSION 6 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 6: Presentation on From Science to Policy: Equitable and Sustainable Development of Africa's Ocean Economy delivered by Dr. Felicia Chinwe Mogo. Download presentation document SESSION 7 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 7: Presentation on Marine Spatial Planning delivered by Joel Kamdoum Ngueuko. SESSION 8 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 8: Presentation on Integrated Coastal Zone Management for Equity and Sustainability in Africa's Blue Economy delivered by Dr. Alberta Sagoe. Download presentation document SESSION 9 ECOP TRAINING PROGRAMME DAY 9: Presentation on Sustainable Fisheries Management by Dr. Evans Kwasi Arizi. Uzoma Nworgu, Cabo Verde “Learning about the Blue Economy and its need in Africa has served as a compass for me as an early career ocean professional. This is the time of the ocean, and GoGMI has done a great service to the #OceanDecade initiative by organizing such a program.”

  • Blue Career and Business Expo 2021 | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Hosted by In collaboration with DOWNLOAD BLUE CAREER AND BUSINESS EXPO 2021 PUBLIC REPORT HERE EVENT SUMMARY 10 EXHIBITORS 5 VVIPS 16 INVITED GUESTS 200 PARTICIPANTS 6 PANEL DISCUSSIONS The Blue Careers and Business EXPO 2021 was intended to create multiple opportunity-exchange platforms for young people to interact with maritime industry leaders and contribute to a robust blue economy in Africa. The 2-day conference platform was also be used to initiate a mentorship program to be co-managed by GoGMI to foster career development among the participants of the conference. In-depth panel discussions, network sessions and exhibition of maritime businesses further highlighted this exposition as the premier strategic gathering of Ghana’s maritime industry leaders and organisations, related ministries, maritime businesses and young people. عنوان القسم About the Event Attendance Hosted at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping and Training Centre, the Expo was attended by over 200 people, including high profile personalities, maritime industry practitioners, students and other relevant stakeholders. Present were Her Excellency Kati Csaba, High Commissioner of Canada to Ghana, Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu, Chief of Naval Staff, Ghana Navy, Hon. Kathleen Quartey Ayensu, Special Rapporteur for Piracy and Maritime Security for the AU Commission, and Mr. Tukur Mohammed the Maritime Security and Safety Programme Officer of the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS), who joined the meeting virtually. Exhibitors from the maritime industry mounted stands to introduce participants to varying opportunities within Ghana’s blue economy and to showcase their innovative products, services and maritime solutions. These included Consolidated Shipping Agency Ltd, SIC Life Company Limited, Plastic Punch, Centrepoint Supply Chain Solutions Limited, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers, WISTA Ghana, SOKO Aerial Robotics, Odomankoma Maritime News Agency, Regional Maritime University (RMU) and the Ghana Navy. Presentations, Panel Discussions One of the primary differentiators of the Expo was a series of panel discussions and presentations that sought to expose participants to topical issues centered on Africa’s blue economy and equip them with requisite knowledge necessary to prime them to be at the fore of innovation and change within the maritime industry. Day One of the event was kicked off with goodwill messages from some dignitaries present, and a highly insightful keynote address. The first presentation set the pace for the rest of the Expo with the topic, Blue Economy Opportunities for Youth in Ghana , and was corroborated by the following panel discussions: The panel discussions were highly engaging, with youth showing keen interest in all three discussion areas. The exhibition tours and coffee breaks were characterised by high levels of cross-interaction among the various categories of participants present, with the youth actively engaging in dialogue with experts an industry practitioners. Day two of the event commenced with an in-depth presentation on SWAIMS and Gender in the Maritime Space , as well as the following panel discussions: The day’s activities also included the launch of Ghana’s Blue Business Directory, a GoGMI innovation intended to provide an online repository of businesses and opportunities within Ghana’s maritime industry and blue economy space. VVIPS H. E. Kati Csaba Canadian High Commissioner to Ghana Mr. Tukur Mohammed Programme Officer, Maritime Security and Safety, Economic Community of West Africa States, ECOWAS Rear Admiral Issah Yakubu Chief of the Naval Staff, Ghana Navy Hon. Kathleen Ayensu Quartey Special Rapporteur on Piracy and Maritime Safety, African Union Dr. Kofi Mbiah Maritime Consultant Just the Beginning… The Expo was not intended to be an isolated event, but the first in a series of events aimed at grooming African youth to drive innovation and positive change in the continent’s maritime industry. The funding and support of the Canadian High Commission was inimical to the success of the event. The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute looks forward to further deepening and strengthening collaboration with the Commission towards future events in line with this ultimate vision. EVENT PROSPECTUS Event Agenda Informative Flyer Event Report Event Portfolio ALL COVID-19 PROTOCOLS OBSERVED

  • Volunteer Programme 2022 | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI) is an NGO dedicated to maritime security research, advocacy and capacity-building across the West African sub-region and beyond. We are currently expanding our reach and impact, with the help of innovative and driven young individuals. If you wish to support efforts towards the development of a thriving blue economy for Africa, we would love to have you as a volunteer in any of the following areas: OCEAN GOVERNANCE / MARITIME SECURITY RESEARCH ADVOCACY AND CONTENT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT To apply, kindly forward an application letter and CV (Applicant name - Document name.pdf) to with the subject: GOGMI VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME 2022. ​ We accept applications on roll-over basis.

  • Student Membership | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Student Membership Student membership offers a great opportunity for undergraduate or postgraduate students to become involved in the Institute’s activities by exploring a wide range of policy issues, research works, and debate developmental topics of interest relevant in the Gulf of Guinea region. Through a variety of curated and innovative platforms that falls in line with the Institute programs, it engages young members to create compelling opportunities to engage with experienced maritime experts and policy practitioners from the fields of politics, academia, private sector, and industry. The student membership gives young members - who have been chosen through a membership application process – the opportunity to work closely with GoGMI experts on various research programs and develop innovative ideas that contribute to addressing the current challenges facing the region. Applicants should show a commitment to contributing to national and regional strategic debates, and are required to provide a copy of attestation from their university confirming the name and dates of their course, or a copy of their student ID. Sign Up Today! First Name Last Name Email Phone Address/GPS Address Next As a Student, you’ll benefit from: Certificate of membership from the institute Exclusive invitations to our International Maritime Security Working Group forum series Exclusive access to our online library of resources The opportunity to lend your voice to the Institute’s forum, and contribute to our indigenous research activities and programs. Discount on registration for professional conferences. For further enquiries, contact us on

  • Fellow Membership | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Fellow Membership GoGMI awards Fellowship only to exceptional individuals at the forefront of ocean governance, maritime safety and security, or related disciplines and have demonstrated significant achievements relevant to GoGMI over the last 10 years. Applicants must show evidence of their specific personal contributions, achievements and the associated impact in two and no more than three of the eight criteria described below. To apply, complete the application form here using no more than 1000 words in total, where appropriate include URL links for significant additional evidence. URL links should only be used to validate key evidence provided. If you cannot provide publicly available information due to security or other sensitivity, then it must be confirmed by your supporters. Sign Up Today! First Name Last Name Email Phone Address/GPS Address Next As a Fellow you’ll benefit from: Certificate of fellowship from the institute Our exclusive Fellows Telegram group for global networking The opportunity to lend your voice to the Institute’s forum, and contribute to our indigenous research activities and programs. Exclusive invitations to our International Maritime Security Working Group forum series as well as a significant discount on registration for our professional conferences. Criteria: Creativity Describe the key findings of your independent contributions to original research, including the associated outcomes and impact that have resulted in national and /or international recognition. Include a selection of the following examples that cover the full 5-year period. Influence and contribution Indicate any other activities that demonstrate the expectations for GoGMI Fellow not covered by the criteria above. There must be evidence of personal impact but there is no other constraint on the type of activity that might be considered under this criterion. It could include any of the following: – Any activity that fulfils the wider goals and aims of GoGMI and is of a standard commensurate with the other Fellowship criteria. Our mission: To provide an intellectual base to governments, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals whose activities impinge upon the maritime domain of the GoG Region to ensure a sustainable use of the sea. Enterprise Summarize your personal creation and development of successful business (es) or significant business unit(s) in areas relevant to the IET, including details of products and services developed and delivered. Responsibility Summarize your operational responsibility for significant programmes, activities, risks and resources within an organization (commercial, industrial, government, military or academic). Include an organizational chart that shows your title and your position within your organization both upwards and downwards, including the number of people that report directly and indirectly to you. Insight and experience Show your roles as a consultant, business manager, technical specialist / subject area expert / functional head in fields related to engineering and technology. Service Describe the impact of your outstanding service as an exceptional individual on committees or other relevant organizations in ocean governance and maritime safety and security disciplines such as non-government and government committees, not-for-profit organizations etc. Leadership Describe your senior role(s) that set, directs or significantly influences an organization’s vision, strategic and operational aims. Please include an organizational chart that shows your title and position within your organization both upwards and downwards, including the number of professional engineers and other professional people that report directly and indirectly to you. Demonstrate how you have shown leadership. Repute Provide evidence of public recognition of standing at national and/or international level For further enquiries, contact us on

  • Membership | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    كن عضوا في GoGMI الأعمال الأساسية للمعهد هي البحث والاستشارات البحرية الاستراتيجية والدعوة في مجالات السلامة والأمن والبيئة في الفضاء البحري الغاني وخليج غينيا بشكل عام. Contribute to GoGMI The Institute seeks members who have cutting-edge expertise in any field of maritime affairs to contribute to the Institute’s indigenous research activities and programs. GoGMI members will harness the institute’s high-level convening power and rich expertise to engage in in-depth discussions tailored around the GoG region’s ocean governance challenges to develop critical solutions that address maritime security and safety concerns. Access the Institute’s publications GoGMI membership gets you access to publications from our various activities: IMSWG Reports Gulf Spectrum- Periodic publications of pertinent maritime security issues in the Gulf of Guinea Monday Gulf Review Newsletter Events and Networking The International Maritime Security Working Group (IMSWG), formed by the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute, is the Institute’s flagship forum focused on stimulating dialogue and policy innovation aimed at addressing maritime security and safety concerns in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) region. The IMSWG forum is notable as a knowledge exchange and research network with a focus on local and regional issues while keeping an eye on the pulse of international perspectives. Membership allows you to attend curated IMSWG forums held monthly, as well as other partner and international events, where you can network, meet IMSWG experts, and gain active understanding of strategic maritime issues affecting the GoG region. STUDENT MEMBERSHIP Read more FELLOW MEMBERSHIP Read more INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP Read more CORPORATE PARTNERSHIP Read more SIGNUP

  • Corporate Partnership | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Corporate Partnership Expert Counsel Corporate partners receive private advisory insights from GoGMI members who share their proprietary works from analysis on matters of ocean governance, maritime safety and security. GoGMI partners use these insights to fill knowledge gaps, promote constructive national and international engagements and regulate sustainable maritime business strategies. Knowledge exchange and networking Higher-level corporate partners receive invitations to the Institute’s monthly IMSWG Forum which includes top decision makers both national and international, governments and corporate leaders who gather to discuss pressing maritime issues of concern. Business Consultancy GoGMI provides project and business consultancy services for partners that require a deeper understanding of crucial maritime issues and analysis in addition to any economic and political dynamics to make sound decisions. For an additional fee, GoGMI will conduct indigenous research on commercially relevant issues which inform business decision-making. Corporate partners are given priority access to, and discounted rates for our consultancy services. The Institute's corporate partnership engages institutions, organizations, RECS, industry, and the private sector as crucial partners. Through substantive partnerships, networking opportunities, and event sponsorship, partners have with unique opportunities to achieve business and corporate responsibility goals. Our corporate membership paths include:​ Strategic Partnership: Strategic partnerships are intended for national, regional and International organizations who seek the closest relationship with GoGMI and its experts - including benefiting from the Institute’s visibility and leveraging on its network at the highest level with governments, business leaders and other development partners. Our Strategic Partnerships are deeply collaborative attempts for entities to offer progressive support that will enable the Institute to develop programs that address the most pressing maritime issues facing the Gulf of Guinea region. Strategic partnerships also include partner involvement in the Institute’s monthly IMSWG forum and international events attended by regional and international maritime experts and leaders. Partners who subscribe to this partnership are offered access to GoGMI experts’ analysis on a broad range of maritime issues. 2. Program Partnerships Opportunity to engage with the Institute’s leading experts by supporting a program, or initiative working on issues critical to your business. Program partnership is designed for both local and international companies and institutions seeking to further develop their knowledge and understanding of maritime governance issues from an indigenous perspective. Companies that have an interest in or are expanding into a particular region or market will particularly benefit from the events and briefings offered by this level of partnership. Program partners benefit from the unlimited resources of expertise within GoGMI’s network and staff through private curated briefings, closed-door roundtables with GoGMI experts, and invitations to members-only local and regional events. 3. Event Partnerships: Seize the Institute’s high-level convening power by supporting an event. Benefits are strategically tailored around the gathering and your organization’s interests. Event partnerships are suitable for both local and international companies who wish to benefit from GoGMI’s visibility, and to network with local governments, industry leaders and maritime experts. It includes a close relationship with, and priority access to, the Institute’s staff through private, curated dialogue platforms on maritime safety and security, ocean governance, and geo-politics issues. Events include; International Maritime Defense and Exhibition Conference (IMDEC) International Maritime security Working Group Forum (IMSWG) and Blue Careers and Business EXPO (BCBE) 4. Embassy Partnership Embassy partnership is exclusive only to embassies and high commissions. This membership category is available for embassies looking to create impact in different maritime sectors with expert insights and analysis, and support development projects. ​ Embassy members get unlimited access to GoGMI’s expert research and analysis on strategic maritime issues from indigenous perspectives. They gain access to GoGMI’s exclusive event programme, specifically curated to offer in depth knowledge on maritime governance and maritime safety and security issues. These events provide unparalleled networking opportunities for members. Embassy membership provides also get to form closer ties with GoGMI experts and staff. Benefits: Nominate up to 5 to GoGMI who will receive publications and event invitations. International Events and Networking Invitations to select industry practice seminars Invitations to some member events, roundtable discussions, presentations and briefings Invitations to exclusive corporate breakfast briefings, boardrooms and webinars Priority invitations to exclusive events, such as VIP lunches or dinner meetings hosted by recognised figures from public and private maritime sectors. [Number of delegates] at the Institute’s major national, regional and international events and forums: Briefings and Consultancy ​ Get expert answers to your business questions with up to [number of briefings] a year (depending on format) on key ocean governance, maritime safety and security, political, and economic issues as identified by you. Briefings are provided by GoGMI experts. Invitations to curated private roundtable meetings specifically designed to Corporate Partners’ needs with relevant and pressing topics and discussions [Number of delegates] at the Institute’s major national, regional and international events and forums: Publications and Resources Receive up to [depending on how many forums are held in a year] per year of the Institute’s publications: The IMSWG Forum, providing in-depth analysis of general strategic issues ​ Online access to the Members area of GoGMI website, including access to publications recorded webinars. Access to presentations

  • Finance & Adminsitrative Support | GoGMI

    JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Finance and Administrative Officer (Entry Level) Department: Finance and Administration Reports To: Business Development Manager Job Purpose: To assist in the provision finance and administrative support to the Institute. Working closely with the Business Development Manager, you will play a key role in the financial and administrative operations of the Institute and its projects. The Finance and Administrative Assistant will assist in the financial administration, including the management of the accounts of the Institute’s operations, the financial information required for various funding returns, the day to day financial management, as well as undertaking general admin tasks under the guidance of the Business Development Manager. Key Accountabilities: Creation and update of all relevant administrative records including personnel, financial and logistical databases; Management of official phone calls and correspondence; Support of all budgeting, accounting and other bookkeeping procedures; Tracking of stock of office supplies and making adequate preparations to renew stock when necessary; Preparation of timely administrative reports and presentations as required for effective operations within the office. Qualifications & Experience Minimum HND in Finance and Accounting combined with 2+ years of work experience in an office environment; Accounting/book-keeping (experience with computerized accountancy systems would be ideal); Data recording and monitoring – preferably experience with electronic data recording systems; Administrative support experience. Skills Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written Proficiency in working with Microsoft packages, including Outlook, Word and Excel. Accuracy in reporting detailed financial information Ability to work as part of a team, as well as on own initiative Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and professionals alike Ability to work under pressure, plan and prioritise own workload, manage competing tasks and meet deadlines. An understanding of, and commitment to, equal opportunities Ability to maintain effective office systems Ability to travel locally as required. ​ Deadline for Application: CLOSED!!! Terms of Employment: 6 Months initial contract with the opportunity for permanent employment based on performance. ​ Applications must include a cover letter , resume , desired salary and contact information for three professional references . ​ To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

  • Business Development Manager | GoGMI

    JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Business Development Manager Department: Management Reports To: Executive director Job Purpose: To develop and implement a business development and fundraising strategy, including establishing the infrastructure to grow the current annual revenue stream of GoGMI through e.g. solicitation, government grants, competitive bids and corporate and foundation support. Key Accountabilities: • Develop and implement an organizational business development and fundraising strategy and process • Maintain and provide donor intelligence and identify new funding opportunities for the Institute • Develop successful proposals and budgets • Lead in seeking grants income, collaboration opportunities and building consortiums for new grant funded projects; • Manage effective and comprehensive tracking, monitoring and reporting framework for grants; • Represent the organisation’s business development interests at relevant meetings, events, and within resource mobilisation or donor specific peer networks. • Strengthen internal new business development capacity Qualifications & Experience Bachelor degree in relevant discipline combined with substantive work; Minimum of 3-year working experience in similar roles with an NGO or similar organisation; Experience in securing and managing funding from key institutional donors Deep experience in developing projects and programs proposal Desirable Master Degree in Business related field Knowledge in maritime related activities Skills • Proven relationship building skills and ability to work collaboratively and effectively with a wide variety of people and organisations. • Established leadership skills and the ability to lead, co-ordinate and work with multiple teams and partners, including field-based staff • Ability to work independently and take initiative. • Solid analytical skills and ability to filter and distil critical information. • Proficiency with financial data, including budgeting, with a close attention to detail. • Practical organisational skills with the ability to manage a fluctuating workload, prioritise and re-prioritise when necessary and meet tight deadlines. • Ability to effectively communicate with and coordinate activities of Excellent technical skills in writing, editing, formatting, research, negotiation, and verbal communications, with attention to details • Creative thinker and motivator, energetic, with an entrepreneurial spirit. • Able to learn quickly • Advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Zoom, etc). Deadline for Application: 1 July 2022 Terms of Employment: 6 Months initial contract with the opportunity for permanent employment based on performance. ​ To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

  • Gog-mcf/shade | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    Heading Strengthening Counter-Piracy Responses: The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Collaboration Forum An article by the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute Shared Awareness – A Starting Point ​ In the past decade, the world has witnessed an evolution of the Gulf of Guinea’s maritime security threat trajectory – an evolution that rendered the region the most dangerous for seafarers. In 2020, all fifty-seven (57) incidents of kidnapping-for-ransom worldwide occurred in the Gulf; and in the first quarter of 2021, the region accounted for nearly half of all reported piracy incidents worldwide, leaving it as the world’s piracy hotspot, according to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) . ​ What remained clear during this period was that the region presented a unique convolution of enablers for piratical activities, with an inadequate framework for effective maritime regulation and enforcement. In particular, few mechanisms existed for operative dissemination and sharing of information across the broad range of actors involved – a prerequisite to fostering coordinated responses to piracy in the region. Recognising this, the Government of Nigeria and the Inter-regional Coordination Centre (ICC), which represents twenty-one (21) countries in the Gulf of Guinea, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a regionally owned forum, aimed at fostering shared awareness and military de-confliction. ​ The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Collaboration Forum and Shared Awareness and De-confliction (GoG-MCF/SHADE) seeks to create a viable platform for navies, industry partners and other relevant stakeholders from across the Gulf of Guinea and beyond to harmonise counter-piracy efforts and communication in the region under the existing information sharing architecture provided by both the Yaoundé Code of Conduct (YCOC) and the Best Management Practices to Deter Piracy and Enhance Maritime Security off the Coast of West Africa (BMP-WA). Modus Operandi ​ The GoG-MCF/SHADE functions primarily through plenary sessions, each intended to generate dialogue and result in tangible action steps necessary to foster operational coordination between regional navies and stakeholders within the Gulf of Guinea’s maritime industry. ​ The initiative’s three (3) Working Groups (WG) were formed during the first plenary session across the following thematic areas: Cooperation at Sea (operations), Reporting and Information Sharing and Air De-confliction. ​ The primary purpose of the WG is to identify viable areas for the enhancement of cooperation and de-confliction and to make salient recommendations for each plenary to adopt. To facilitate this, each Working Group includes a subject-matter expert and is chaired by a regional representative. The chart below highlights the major objectives of each of the Working Groups. The SHADE Model has already demonstrated its ability to support the exchange of information between regional and non-regional military forces in countering Somali piracy in the Horn of Africa. Giulia Nicoloso, Critical Maritime Routes Programme Modus Operandi ​ The GoG-MCF/SHADE functions primarily through plenary sessions, each intended to generate dialogue and result in tangible action steps necessary to foster operational coordination between regional navies and stakeholders within the Gulf of Guinea’s maritime industry. ​ The initiative’s three (3) Working Groups (WG) were formed during the first plenary session across the following thematic areas: Cooperation at Sea (operations), Reporting and Information Sharing and Air De-confliction. ​ The primary purpose of the WG is to identify viable areas for the enhancement of cooperation and de-confliction and to make salient recommendations for each plenary to adopt. To facilitate this, each Working Group includes a subject-matter expert and is chaired by a regional representative. The chart below highlights the major objectives of each of the Working Groups. Figure 1: Thematic Working Groups Complementarities ​ The GoG-MCF/SHADE model was designed to work complimentarily with existing information sharing architectures and initiatives in the Gulf of Guinea region, such as the YCOC, BMP-WA and G7++ Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (FoGG). Past Plenaries ​ Since its establishment, the GoG-MCF/SHADE has held five plenary sessions, each complemented by technical Working Group meetings, Working Group chair coordination meetings and plenary session reports. The first four plenaries were held on a bi-monthly cycle; however, a decision has been made to host the plenaries on a tri-monthly cycle going forward. Figure 2: Functional Sessions of the SHADE Model The Fifth Plenary: A Closer Look ​ The fifth plenary presented the first opportunity for the GoG-MCF/SHADE Forum to be convened in-person, facilitating a more active engagement amongst the stakeholders present. The plenary had the theme Sustainability of Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea and provided an opportunity for maritime stakeholders to advocate the need for effective collaboration in the battle against maritime criminality in the region . In attendance were ninety (90) representatives from the sub-region and beyond, making it one of the largest platforms for galvanizing the efforts of stakeholders in operational responses to piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Gulf of Guinea. Figure 3: Range of Participants: 5th Plenary Session The plenary highlighted, amongst other things, the crucial support of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and the G7++ FoGG in advancing the objectives of the forum and facilitating positive interactions. ​ The shipping industry also called for more effective information sharing and interaction between navies operating in the Gulf of Guinea to enhance visibility in the region’s piracy hotspots. The need for such information sharing had to be carefully juxtaposed against a delineation of the roles and responsibilities of different national agencies, while recognising complementarities to avoid a duplication of efforts. ​ Some of the key recommendations resulting from the plenary are indicated below: There is the need for national stakeholders to review and upgrade Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) infrastructure and systems to improve MDA in the Gulf of Guinea. Other relevant stakeholders must also consider the integration of national air assets in enhancing MDA and regional counter-piracy responses. The forum must develop a regular threat assessment for the Gulf of Guinea to facilitate regional naval awareness and industry risk assessment. The GoG-MCF/SHADE should be effectively used to facilitate the joint strategic communications needed to demonstrate regional progress in effectively addressing piracy and armed robbery at sea. Actors at the national level must continue to improve national legislations to ensure a legal finish to piracy prosecutions. The key challenge in the Gulf of Guinea is to effectively integrate all initiatives to address piracy, armed robbery and all maritime criminality into a focused and coordinated effort through the Yaoundé Code of Conduct framework. IMO will continue to play a significant role in facilitating this integration, by maintaining our unstinting support for the Yaoundé Code of Conduct architecture and strengthening capability and capacity. Secretary-General Kitack Lim, International Maritime Organisation - 14th July, 2021 Towards Effective Counter-piracy Responses ​ The Gulf of Guinea is characterised by a complex set of maritime security interventions and initiatives, each aimed at addressing pertinent maritime criminalities such as piracy and armed robbery at sea. The GoG-MCF/SHADE presents a practical opportunity to coordinate efforts by the broad range of stakeholders in the region towards the shared goal of enhancing maritime security. More specifically the SHADE forum has led to the following notable benefits: ​ Facilitation of operational dialogue across the clear-cut thematic areas of the WPs (Air De-confliction, Cooperation at Sea and Information Sharing) resulting in more targeted dialogues across groups with shared maritime security priorities Catalysation of active external stakeholder initiation of effective maritime regulation and enforcement operations, intended to complement other efforts across the region Establishment of operable best practices and mechansims for reporting incidents across regional navies, such as a replication of the Mercury communication platform used within the Indian Ocean through SOLARTA. Of course, the model can only be successful with the full and active participation of regional and international navies, as well as other relevant stakeholders within the Gulf of Guinea in particular, and across the globe at large. As more plenaries are held, it is imperative that action items are effectively implemented and assessed against intended goals, so that lessons learnt can continually feed into a more effective functioning of GoG-MCF/SHADE. [SOLARTA] has gone online, is being used…and has proved to be effective in preventing attacks becoming hostage situations…And that is a big accomplishment in the space of six months. Simon Church, Special Adviser to Forum Co-chairs - 7th February, 2022 …The establishment of…SHADE has enabled working-level stakeholders from the GoG region and outside…to connect and discuss how best to tackle piracy in the area…this has been a catalyst for non-regional stakeholders to step up and initiate effective maritime law enforcement operations… Dr. Bashir Jamoh, Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency - 5th May, 2022 1/1 The Institute wishes to acknowledge the GoG-MCF SHADE for granting access to useful resources on the initiative, relevant to the preparation of this article نظرة عامة على الحدث في 26 أبريل 2021 ، أعلنت المحكمة الجنائية الدولية ياوندي ونيجيريا عن تشكيل إطار دولي لتوفير الوعي المشترك وعدم التضارب للأنشطة في خليج غينيا. هذا الحدث هو الاجتماع الافتتاحي لهذا الإطار المشار إليه باسم منتدى التعاون البحري لخليج غينيا - SHADE (GOG MCF / SHADE). هذا الاجتماع عبر الإنترنت الذي يستضيفه معهد خليج غينيا البحري (GOGMI) هو بدعوة من رؤساء SHADE المشاركين من المحكمة الجنائية الدولية والبحرية النيجيرية. ​ المتحدثون الضيوف ​ السيد Kitack Lim ، الأمين العام للمنظمة البحرية الدولية ​ نائب الأدميرال أوال زبيرو جامبو - رئيس الأركان البحرية ، نيجيريا ​ الأدميرال نارسيسو فاستودو - المدير التنفيذي ، ICC ياوندي ​ الدكتور بشير جاموه ، المدير العام / الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة نيماسا ، نيجيريا ​ السيد جاي بلاتن ، الأمين العام للغرفة الدولية للشحن البحري ​ انظر جميع السير الذاتية ميزات الحدث الجلسة الأولى جلسة عامة ملاحظات رؤية يخطط العروض التقديمية الجلسة الثانية سيتم تقسيم الاجتماع إلى جلستين. ستفتتح الجلسة الصباحية رسميًا هذه الجلسة العامة التاريخية وتتضمن ملاحظات ترحيبية من قبل كل من الشخصيات الإقليمية والدولية البارزة. سيقود الرؤساء المشاركون في الجلسة العامة الجلسة الثانية من خلال وضع الرؤية والخطة لما سيسعى GOG-MCF SHADE إلى تحقيقه. ثلاثة من رؤساء مجموعات العمل المخصصة يمثلون التعاون في البحر (العمليات) ، والإبلاغ ، وتبادل المعلومات ، وإزالة الصراع الجوي سيقدمون خطتهم لتحقيق الأهداف المحددة. GOG-MCF / SHADE هو اجتماع عمل بهدف إنتاج إجراءات وتدابير ذات مغزى تترجم إلى زيادة كبيرة في التعاون البحري بين القوات البحرية الإقليمية والدولية ، وصناعة النقل البحري الدولية ، وأصحاب المصلحة البحريين في خليج غينيا. سيتم تقديم الفرصة لأصحاب المصلحة البحريين للنظر في المكان الذي يمكن أن تضيف فيه مساهمتهم قيمة. الجمهور المستهدف اتصل بنا لمزيد من المعلومات ، اتصل بنا عبر

  • International Maritime Security Working group | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute

    International Maritime Security Working group: Image مجموعة عمل الأمن البحري الدولي IMSWG يشكل IMSWG ، الذي يقع مقره في معهد خليج غينيا البحري ، مجموعة عمل من الخبراء والممارسين البحريين التي تمتد عبر الصناعات والأوساط الأكاديمية والمؤسسات والمنظمات الوطنية والإقليمية والدولية. هذه منصة لأصحاب المصلحة البحريين الدوليين في خليج غينيا تهدف إلى إنشاء شبكة لتبادل الأفكار حول القضايا البحرية. Download Full Report Registration Link: International Maritime Security Working group: Programs تقارير IMSWG تنزيل مجاني تنمية الاقتصاد الأزرق في غانا: التوقعات والتحديات تقرير الاجتماع الأول هذا التقرير هو نتاج الجهود التعاونية بين ممثلي مختلف الجهات الحكومية والخبراء المؤسسيين ، وكذلك أصحاب المصلحة في الصناعة البحرية التي قادها خليج غينيا المعهد البحري (GoGMI) بدعم من مركز كوفي الدولي لحفظ السلام. تحميل الفضلات البلاستيكية البحرية تشكل خطرا على صحة المحيطات والاقتصاد الأزرق تقرير الاجتماع الثاني هذا التقرير هو نتاج الجهود التعاونية بين ممثلي وكالة حماية البيئة والمكتب البيئي الإقليمي لسفارة المملكة المتحدة وخبراء مؤسسيين ، بالإضافة إلى أصحاب المصلحة في الصناعة البحرية التي قادها معهد خليج غينيا البحري تحميل International Maritime Security Working group: Files الاستراتيجيات البحرية الإقليمية والوطنية: الآفاق والتحديات ​ تم تنظيم الاجتماع الافتراضي الأول عبر الإنترنت GoGMI-IMSWG الذي عقد في 10 يوليو 2020 لمناقشة آفاق وتحديات الاستراتيجيات الإقليمية والوطنية في إدارة وإدارة الفضاء البحري لخليج غينيا. تم تجميع النقاط الرئيسية للاجتماع في تقرير. تحميل عرض كل التقارير

  • Un Ocean Conference 2022 Side Event | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    UN OCEAN CONFERENCE 2022 VIRTUAL SIDE EVENT Save My Spot The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI), in partnership with Development of Technical Capacity of African Nations (DOTCAN) and Masser Afrique organized the workshop “Ocean Advocacy: From Ordinary to Extraordinary” as a side event of the 2022 UN Ocean Conference . The workshop took place on the 30 June 2022, at 1pm – 3pm (GMT) . In this highly interactive virtual session, delegates were inspired to move beyond stereotypical perceptions of categories of individuals who can successfully serve as drivers of innovation and change to an understanding of the fact that anyone – regardless of background, profession or skill-sets – can be primed for great impact in advancing a sustainable ocean economy. They learnt about the unique role that youth have to play in using ocean scientific data to develop innovative solutions for a thriving blue economy, as well as the extensive, inter-disciplinary approaches that can be employed in doing so. MEDIA PARTNER(S) KNOW OUR SPEAKERS Dr. Sherry Scully Professor Steve Fletcher Mike Tinmouth Dr. Estanislau Baptista Lima Lawrence Dogli Anchor 1 This workshop will be held online via Zoom and in English language only. Registration is mandatory. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING!! This event will be included in the United Nations Ocean Conference 2022 and has the support of the United Nations. Download Concept Note Here